Buy Greece Driving License : Categories, Age And Validity

Buy Greece Driving License

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Buy Greece driving License

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Greece Motive Force’s License

In Greece the riding license is a governmental proper given to folks that request a license for any of the categories they choice. It is required for each kind of motorized automobile. The minimum age to acquire a Greece driver’s license is: sixteen years for a bike, 18 years for a automobile, and 21 years for buses and load motors .

Understand Which Styles Of Riding License Are Legally Regularly Occurring In Greece…

A valid Greece motive force’s license (Άδεια οδήγησης/Adeia odigisis) is needed to power in Greece. The license must be carried on all journeys, and should be offered on demand by means of police officers. The minimum age to pressure a automobile at the roads is eighteen years. A few foreigners in Greece should alternate their license for a Greek one, a few may also make the alternate if they desire, while but others may not alternate their licence and could want to take a full driving test (concept and realistic) so that you can get a Greece driving force’s license. New arrivals to Greece may be capable of alternate a foreign motive force’s license for a Greek one, or (if relevant) hold driving on an ecu-issued license until it becomes important to resume it. For all others, a full concept and realistic test have to be taken. As of January 19 2013, eu-issued licenses can most effective be renewed inside the holder’s usa of house. Renewing an european-issued license in Greece will efficaciously convert it into a Greece motive force’s license.

Driving Licenses In Greece

To achieve a Greece motive force’s license for either a automobile or motorcycle, candidates ought to complete a sure amount of formal education, each theoretical and realistic, in addition to bypass theoretical and sensible written tests. Handiest qualified teachers can offer using and idea classes, so enrolment at a using school is vital.

  • While classes are available in English, the real tests are in Greek. But, simplest a minimum understanding of Greek is needed to take the test.
  • If the applicant modifications house prior to the crowning glory of the utility procedure, all office work is transferred to the applicable issuing workplace.

Licence Categories And Age Restrictions

The age restrictions for the maximum common styles of licence in Greece are as follows:

  • AM (mopeds with a design velocity of over 25 Km/h and below forty five Km/h): 16 years
  • A1 (motorcycles with a cylinder potential no longer exceeding 125cc): 18 years
  • A2: (motorcycles no longer exceeding 35 kw): twenty years
  • B1 (four-wheeled light vehicles): 18 years
  • B (automobiles), 18 years
  • C1 (medium-sized automobiles) 18 years

Driving Licence Validity

Greek riding licences for A- and B-magnificence vehicles are valid for 15 years from their date of difficulty. C-class and D-class licences are legitimate for 5 years from their date of problem. From the age of 65 onwards, drivers with Greek-issued licences should go through health checks in order for the using licence to stay legitimate, and need to renew their licence each two years. The take a look at itself does not want to be retaken.

Misplaced Or Stolen Using Licences

If a Greek or eu driving licence is misplaced, stolen or worn to the volume that it must be replaced, a brand new licence may be acquired via the Greek Ministry of transport.

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